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Code below will capture image from your default webcam and save it in Below are the very pretty basic examples demonstrating of how Webcam Capture API can be used in the Java code. Please note that some of those examples may use the newest API which has not yet been released to maven Central.

In such a case please make sure you are using the newest Webcam Capture API SNAPSHOT.

It can also be used alternatively with the FMJ project.

Maven dependency: More details on how to use it, install, and where necessary binaries can be downloaded, can be found on dedicated webcam-capture-driver-jmf page.

Several kinds of contributions are very welcome: If you think this project is great, you would like to help, but you don't know how - you can become project's stargazer. Visit this link if you would like to learn more about how notifications and stars works on Github.

I'm always testing it on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP and Vista (both 32-bit), but I have no possibility to test on Raspberry Pi, Mac OS and 32-bit Linux.

Click on the below link to download it: webcam-capture-0.3.10The latest development version JAR (aka SNAPSHOT) can be downloaded here.

If you have strong will, spare time, knowledge or even some small amount of money you would like to spent for good purpose you can help developing this awesome Webcam Capture API and make it even better!

This capture driver gives possibility to use GStreamer to access UVC camera devices connected to computer. Maven dependency: More details on how to use, how to install GStreamer and where binaries can be downloaded, can be found on dedicated webcam-capture-driver-gstreamer page.

This capture driver gives possibility to use Open IMAJ to access UVC camera devices connected to the computer.

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This library allows you to use your build-in or external webcam directly from Java.

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