American women dating german man steps in validating a new research survey instrument

American women dating german man

So when you’re enjoying pillow talk with your new German lover, not only will he be able to understand your every word, but he will probably have something insightful to say just as soon as you remove that ball gag from his mouth.The German dude you choose to lay will probably have spent a great deal of time at university as well, attaining both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

My wife is a scalding hot German woman with two master’s degrees and a smile so stunning it could stop your heart. I have absolutely no motivation to give out dating advice, especially when it might help young German men get a little extra honey on their stingers.

So if you’re into pretty boys, come on over; you’ll have a mouthful of beautifully shorn scrotum before you even leave the airport.

“Oh, well you’re just the whole package, aren’t you…

We’re arrogant snobs, is what I’m saying, so please keep this in mind as I make another sweeping generalization about the young men of northern Germany. They start learning English in the 3rd grade, and I know this because I have the incredible misfortune of living right next to a primary school.

Every morning I get to hear these little nerds singing English nursery rhymes while I’m trying to work: TEACHER: “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout…” SCHOOL KIDS: “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout…” ME: “DOWN CAME THE RAIN AND WASHED THAT FUCKER OUT! ” Anyway, their language studies continue right on up through high school, and even if they don’t pursue it any further, they’re exposed to English on a regular basis through TV, movies and music.

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